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 Disdain for digital in a digital age? Jan. 16, 2008
         I wonder what,
digitally produced clichéd music
is? Considering MIDI, which practically every musician out there uses, has the word Digital right in it's name. Whatever it is...Talvin Singh disdain's it.

Eh whatever; rather than delve into what a hypocritically oxymoronic statement that is...I am just going to mention that Talvin's new album is going to be called Sweet Box (refer to link above).

YAY! the man is working on an album....I wonder if he used a digital keyboard while producing it.
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 Save Net Radio Apr. 24, 2007
         To all AV listeners, please please please write to your congressional representatives to request that they not raise web casting fees. More info:
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 Rekha On CNN (you tube video) Feb. 17, 2007
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 Krishna XL's - Mash It Up Video Dec. 25, 2006
Show Video

Thank you KXL for sharing this with AV!
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 ADF Videos on GooTube ;) Oct. 13, 2006
         I know that these are from their old albums but I decided to share them. Why? 'cause ADF ROCKS!

New Way New Life from Community Music

Real Great Britain From Community Music

1000 Mirrors with Sinead O'Connor From Enemy of the Enemy

Fortress Europe from Enemy of the Enemy
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 KK's remix contest winner Sep. 13, 2006
         I have a new favorite track in the asian massive genre....what I wanna know is how come no one I know and love is creating isht like this! Below is the link to the winner of KK's Manifest Remix competition.

Now even though I entered a remix too (something I threw together in a few days). I think this track is simply amazing. What I wish I could do!

Link to winner:
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 Yes We are...Such a Nation Aug. 27, 2006

I generally don't do political blogs on this site but, a family friend of mine received this in their mailbox. This letter makes me think of two things: (1) Either a USPS employee /contractor or (2) a HSBC employee/contractor affixed that sticker because the mailbox is a private one. Now, should my friend file a complaint with either of those major organizations because this is an outright racist act?
Interestingly enough, everyone at that address (blocked) is an american citizen.

Has anyone else received such mails from these nameless cowards?
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 Indian Ropeman ONLINE! Aug. 22, 2006
         Now I in no way pretend to be on the cutting edge of what is going on in the South Asian music scene but I did want to share this with everyone. For the people who already knew....well now you know again!


And yes I admit that initially I wasn't too impressed by his album on Skint but as time has passed the album has grown on me. That, and I think I have realized what he was trying to do with his original album. He was far enough ahead of the curve that it was confusing then but makes complete sense now. If you don't get what I am saying you will, after hearing (and downloading!) the samples on his MySpace page.

All I have to say I can't wait for what else he's coming up with.

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 Nitin Podcast Jul. 21, 2006
         The most comprehensive interview I have heard (it's an mp3 podcast) with Nitin Sawhney to date. Enjoy!,,27052,00.html
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 Anoushka and Norah ? Jun. 7, 2006
         Man with names like these, Pt Ravi Shankar, Sting and Bjork, and Karsh Kale on the backing - I CAN'T WAIT to her this one!
For the first time ever, sitarist Anoushka Shankar will collaborate with her sister Norah Jones in her upcoming album.
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