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... the Bleeding Awake\Asleep More about this Artist|Asian Dub Foundation[SEARCHTHIS] Review: Historically, Culture Move was the best song that I had ever heard from ADF. That meant two things when ...
Saturday, 24 January 2009
2. Swami's Influences
Thursday, 20 October 2005
3. Tank by Asian Dub Foundation
4.5 Tracks: Flyover Tank Hope Round Up Oil Powerlines Who Runs the Place Take Back the Power Warring Dhol Tomorrow Begins Today Melody 7 More about this Artist ...
Wednesday, 07 September 2005
Wednesday, 16 June 2004
... Sonia Mehta, Bref Durvesh and collaborators including Dr. Das (Asian Dub Foundation), jungle's Godfather MC Navigator, MC Spyda, and have done remixes for artists like Nitin Swanhey. Click to continue ...
Tuesday, 18 November 2003
6. Lebanese by Clotaire K
... t order of MC: Deeder Zaman (aka Master D) x-front man of the Asian Dub Foundation. Master D gives us a bit of insight of what his post ADF music could sound like...and unavoidably the bass line here  ...
Thursday, 01 May 2003
... about this Artist Review: Drum n Bass, Jungle livening up the crowds. This album shows the real effects that Asian Massive / Underground has had on the drum n bass community. Personally no album from ...
Wednesday, 02 April 2003
... leaving us forever guessing what this album would have sounded like with him. Instead, we now have two new rappers: Spex and Aktavatar, originally from Invasian but - now full fledged ADF members. Percussionist ...
Thursday, 20 February 2003
... r an Asian band which was very politically charged. Initially I gave the idea to Talvin - I was managing him at the time but he, obviously of a different generation, was very political but just not  ...
Tuesday, 02 July 2002
Friday, 07 June 2002
...  goes on. The music style is definitly not Asian Underground but DAMN!!!! does it sound good. Thes guys know what they are doing. A definite buy for an avid drum and base lover. Warning! - might incit ...
Wednesday, 01 November 2000
12. Asian Dub Foundation
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Friday, 19 November 2010

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