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1. Skip-ij by State of Bengal
...  Trip to the moon More about this Artist|exact[LINKTYPE]|State of Bengal[SEARCHTHIS] Review: This is probably what State Of Bengal wanted to do with his previous album however, he wasn't able ...
Monday, 24 September 2007
... that started in the UK a decade ago with Talvin Singh and State of Bengal's club night, Anokha. A number of critically acclaimed albums later, Asian Underground pioneer, State of Bengal and breakbeat revolutionary, ...
Monday, 25 April 2005
3. State of Bengal and his views
More about this Artist|exact[LINKTYPE]|State of Bengal[SEARCHTHIS] After doing two albums with very different flavors - State of Bengal surprises us with a third one that has ...
Wednesday, 11 August 2004
...  (State of Bengal Remix) Stephane Malca & Omar Faruk Tekbilek - In The Shade Ustad Sultan Khan - Tarana (Thievery Corporation Mix) Spy From Cairo - The Queen Dub Carla Alexander - Volum ...
Thursday, 08 July 2004
... Artists Review: Remember State Of Bengal's last album. The looping drum lines, the funky guitar riffs, the screaming horns? Well this is nothing like it. He has outdone himself by "undoing" himself. ...
Monday, 21 June 2004
6. Lebanese by Clotaire K
... the likes of State of Bengal, ADF and Natacha Atlas. Of course I have to listen to that! So I write back and within an instant, in my hands is a promo cd and vinyl (this guy is into Hip Hop, he cares about ...
Thursday, 01 May 2003
... nerous because they are the very best at what they do and share their knowledge, their musicianship and their time with artists like myself (as has State of Bengal). They take what I brin ...
Tuesday, 24 December 2002
Friday, 07 June 2002
9. Salam Haleikoum by Naab
... see if his work stands up against the previous greats such as State Of Bengal and Talvin Singh. More about this Artist Click to continue Tracks / Reviews: Le Souk: ...
Saturday, 27 April 2002
10. Mo Magic Speaks to AV
... l mix of Osmani Soundz "Spirtual Masterkey" (not the Anokha version) and a track from an embryonic State of Bengal. From thereon he worked his way up appearing on several other Asian Breaks compilatio ...
Saturday, 02 February 2002
11. Visual Audio by State Of Bengal
3.5 Review: You cant be active in the Asian Underground scene and never have heard of State of Bengal. State of Bengal aka Sam Zaman released his first album in the US titled "Visual Audio" and ...
Thursday, 24 January 2002
4.5 Tracks: Walking On Tori Pluck Alma Ata Jungle Symphony(live) Betelnutters Tanusree Throw Down Love and Passion Reverse Streets of Calcutta(live) More about these Artists ...
Sunday, 10 December 2000
3.5 Tracks: DJ Cheb i Sabbah - Smarapanam State of Bengal - Shri Durga Remix TJ Rehmi - Durga Puja Remix Transglobal Underground - Kese Kese Remix Bedoin Ascent - Ganga Dev Remix 6. ...
Tuesday, 05 December 2000
... Brook (Joi remix) Delirium - Euphoria (State Of Bengal Delhi Rias mix) Harvey And The Old Ones - Banco De Gaia (Single mix) Soft Music Under Stars - Fila Brazillia Different Space, A - Bob ...
Thursday, 02 November 2000
...  they write in their profile - "the overused statement *east meets west* statement is very applicable." With artists like Talvin Singh, State of Bengal, and Sonorous Star, Asian Vibrations combines classica ...
Tuesday, 01 August 2000
16. State of Bengal
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Friday, 19 November 2010

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