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> : "Asian Underground" ? Do you think this is the suitable word for your style of music or is it more a phrase, created by the media ?
Shri: It´s a term invented by the media to insert it into a special group of music styles. We can´t stand the word "Asian Underground" at all, ´cause it simply doesn´t skate around our style of music. We aren´t in the underground scene and haven´t gigs in so - called underground clubs, but rather in locations like the "Royal Hall". Moreover most people think - if somebody uses the word "Asian Underground" - only Asian styles are used and only Asian artists works together. On the contrary we have played already together with Massive Attack, Björk and Hefner. We play in the same section but most of the time our records and those of other Asian artists are put in the branch of "Foreign Music". This is totally nonsense. They easily can be compared with the records of Massive Attack.

> : What´s your opinion regarding the development of Indian music and its artists , if western ones use for their styles Indian beatz ? ( e.g. Missy Elliot "Get your freak on" )
Badmarsh: Missy Elliot´s record is fantastic and I like it really good. Timbaland and Missy respect the origins of Indian music, they produce their songs on a high level.
Shri: Timbaland produced a good track and like Badmarsh said already, he shows respect for the music. There are many negative examples - this is out of question - which abuse Indian elements and instruments like the Sitar or Tabla in their music. This is a disasters development. These musicians just want some Indian elements in their tracks, most of the time you can´t call the results good at all. Nevertheless, there is a group - the Maniac Street Preachers - that made a fantastic song ( "Tsunmai" ) . They used quite well the sounds of the Sitar - one of the few exceptions.

> : Millions of people in foreign countries are enthusiastic about indian movies, rather known as "Bollywood" and their soundtracks. What do you think about the movement, also present in England?
Shri: Bollywood is the reason why I escaped from India. Unfortunately the movies are also shown in England and mostly placed in the movie top 25 charts. In this moment I am always thinking: "Hey! What’s up?"
Badmarsh: The scene of Bollywood shows an unrealistic life, but this is exactly what the fans want to see - to share for a few hours the world of love and disaster. The songs are folkloristic and traditional; you get a feeling of energy in form of emotions. A Hindi movie is at the moment in the top ten Uk charts.

> : Let’s stay with Bollywood: the beatz of A. R. Rahman, do you like them ?
Badmarsh: A. R. Rahman is one of the persons that turned the Indian music world completely upside down with the legendary soundtrack to the film "Roja". I respect him very much since he's one of the few artists of South India who made such a rapid rise. He restored the importance of Madras as one of the greatest production centres of India. The movies from Kerala are the only ones which shows respect for the traditional Indian music and culture. The movies "Roja" and "Sholay" are the best films I've ever seen.

> : Cornershop with his song "Brimful of Asha" was the onliest project which had commercial success. Are you satisfied with the "Asian Underground scene" or are you more sad about the fact, that the Beatz of "Asian Future" scarcely placed in the charts?
Badmarsh: We don't care about the position of our songs in the charts, however it would be a great feeling to see an Asian artist at the top of it. Nevertheless, I am convinced it never will be Badmarsh & Shiri. "Cornershop" led one time the UK charts, but after that they didn't produce another chart success so everybody called them a "one -hit - wonder". The difference between the Asian music and the Black music scene are the never-ending number one hits the Hip Hop and R&B scene is producing.

> : What are the main differences between your first record "Dancing Drums" and the present one "Signs"?
Badmarsh: "Dancing Drums" was full of "Drum&Bass" and fast beatz. "Signs" is more slowly, but it also contains fast tracks like "Get up" - let's say it's more an emotional sound, prepared for clubbing with the "Drum&Bass" elements. Before we record a album we do some trips.

> : Your music and these ones of the other Asian artists are rather unknown and unpopular in India. Do you have an explanation why does the Indians like the western and "Bollywood" music more?
Badmarsh: Gradually, more and more people in India like the Indian beatz. Artists like Talvin Singh become more famous every day and some heard about us at the sampler "Untouchable Outcaste Beats". Since India is a large and colorful country we are only known in Bombay city's underground scene. It's still a long progress till the Indians dispel their prejudges about modern electronic beat sounds. We'll see.

> : You have been already a long time in the business and gathered a lot of experience. Do you want to share these experiences with young artists? E.g. with the foundation of a your own label?
Badmarsh: We did already some workshops, where young artists could have a look behind the scenes. Indeed, we have talked much about establishing an own label and we'll realize it in some time. But at the moment, we are busy with our record and the tour.
Shri: Certainly this would be a great idea! We don't have so-called Badmarsh & Shri secrets concerning our music. So if there is someone who needs information our message is: Just take it!

> : What do you think about integration in general? Living in Germany as an Asian person is no problem, but in England where the Asian population isn't just a minority, problems like the fighting's between young Asians and the police during the elections could arise. In your opinion: how should people react?
Badmarsh: You can't imagine the situation there! In Oldham the everyday life is governed by pure racism not only against Asians but also against the Pakistani and Bangladeshi. Regularly the press is publishing some articles about the problem and judges the "white racism" but in the end nothing changes! I think it's a positive movement that the Asians are finally fed up with all that "bullshit". For me it's ok to defend for example your mum when she gets insulted. For the sake of one's own self-respect there’s no worth in being too intimidated or cautious in such situations. Violence should not be the solution but for the Asians it was of great importance to say: Stop!!! That’s enough! We, the Asian population have beaten up policemen and other racists, since neither the police nor our fellow citizens protect us. So this violence is kind of self-protection! It's impossible to accept racism all the time and even thank the person that violated you. Quite the reverse: you have to fight against it!

> : Can you tell me anything about your future projects? Is there anything to want to say to all the people out there in Germany?
Shri: Just one thing: Rock on! We had a lot of great gigs in Germany and the people here know how to have fun! I hope coming back soon!
Badmarsh: Our new song is gonna be called "signs" (like the whole record) and UK Apache is supporting us with his writing. The clip belonging to the song is going to be shoot soon. And the following track is already in the planning stage cause we've noticed that "Get up", a song full of emotions and energy, is the favourite one of our fans. Otherwise I wish all of you a great relaxed time.

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