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I got to sit down and interview Janaka and Maneesh of Dhamaal Soundsystem and hear their story behind the new album and the collective.

Note: In parts where both of them are speaking Dhamaal is written, where it's only one, the name is provided.

AV: First off why don't you tell me something about Dhamaal. Where did it all come from? I know it was called Azaad before hand.
Janaka: Well it's all really one big continuation. We just celebrated five years of Azaad and Dhamaal together. Nothing much has really changed between the two things. Dhamaal actually got started about five and a half years ago at a house party in my place. Maneesh, Mustaf with Rhino Affects and myself were going to DJ there and, Shabi Farooq and Adheesh were going to play in a smaller room in my apartment; sort of a classical room. But Adeesh had the idea of actually mic-ing up the tablas with the DJ music. Overall, it was a really successful party but we did get busted though around one o'clock when the police came. At the time the whole place was shaking - for my small apartment it was a huge party. The night was one of those, for the lack of a better word, magical parties where all these people had crashed (some invited, some not) and they were all mingling. It was a very interesting vibe and it was jammed! So, we asked people if they like to see this in a club environment and a couple of weeks later Maneesh, who was doing a residency at 111 Minna on Fridays, was able to sort out a spot there on Saturdays. And that's sort of how things got started.

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You might have heard Mira's beautiful voice elsewhere or you might have heard it here on AV's own webcast - well now read the South Asian Soul Diva (doubt that she will approve of the title I just gave her) tell us how everything came about.

AV: Hi Mira.
MV: Hi, how are you?

AV: I'm all right, how's everything going?
MV: Good good.

AV: Well, do you have a few minutes - you know - to get this over with?
MV: haha - that's a nice way to put it...

AV: Oh, I am just kidding around - you know that! But ok, first off, why don't you tell me about the album, how did it come about? How did you actually get to work on your own album?
MV: You know, it was basically by accident. Well, I had initially started working for a producer here in San Francisco but, as that got going I got another opportunity to work with a different producer that I had admired for quite some time. So when this second prospect materialized, I jumped on it and just ended up in this whole writing process - writing more and more songs. Finally, we had a lot of music so we decided to put an album together. Ultimately it was my decision; so, with the support and encouragement of friends and family we released it. It has been kind of a roller coaster ride so far and I am just going along with the flow.

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Susheela Ramanm, a Narada World artist, with her second album release: Love Trap, is a phenomenal singer who spans the globe without a miss in her step or, for that matter, her voice. She stopped for a few minutes and gave us a quick update about her new album and her views about the music world at large. Here is the transcript of the phone conversation. Enjoy!

AV: Why don't we start with what was the purpose of your visit to NYC and whats going on with you?
SR: Well this was my first time in NY and we just got a new management company out here called Uprise Management and it is really exciting for us because they are very energetic. They organized a small East Coast tour for us - we started off in Canada, then we went to DC, then to New York to play at Joe's Pub. So, this was to get our foot in the door with an initial trip to NYC. Just having fun and playing the stuff from the new album.

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Mutiny's well known visualist, Dubstream's hot DJ, world renowed audiovisual artist, sits down and tells us his history and shares with us his plans. Something we were all wondering about! Read on.

AV: Why don't we first talk about the Dubstream parties you started?
Q: Dubstream extends from a party I used to be part of called Futureproof. That was a party me and Karsh [Kale] had started. We sort of started it out of frustration at what was available in New York City at the time. It was received really well; kind of became my introduction to throwing and organizing parties. We did that for a year and it was during that time 'Quanteye' as an alter ego was born.

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Genetic drugs: An extraordinary musical producer shares his past, present and future plans and hopes with us. Enjoy!

AV:Being German, how did you get into using South Asian and African sounds?
GD:Well I consider myself a professional sound collector. I started collecting sounds in the early 80’s with my short wave radio. I used to listen to music from all over the world and I started taping everything for my sound archive. There were a lot of political events in the 80’s and with the sounds from those events I was able to create a multimedia show in the end of the 80’s called World Radio. This show was never published but it started everything music related for me. I continued with my collection when I first traveled to India in 1992 where I did interviews and video portrayals of Indian people.

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