The Verdict is in - seems AV has to pay 0.07 cents / listener / song play to the RIAA.

This may not sound like much but, if you take into account that AV gets above 5000 hours of listener time per month and assume that each song is about 5 minutes long - AV ends up paying about $42/listener/month.

This my friends is a fee - AV can't afford. Plain and simple.

So, by September 1, 2002 (when the decision goes into affect) I have to decide if I start putting up that kind of cash (which i don't have) or I shut down the radio broadcast and keep the website going or I start charging you guys a buck or two per month for membership (which i am guessing most will not pay :P ) and have that subsidize the broadcasting fees which I am DEFINITE will be increasing on us or DO I SCRATCH THE WHOLE WEBSITE and move on like AV never existed.

(Wanna buy and anyone? JK!)

No great options there.

I will definitely hate having to shut this operation down. Please tell me what do you think I should do.


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