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If you have tried to listen to or watch any of the samples that were on AV - you might have noticed!!

They aren't THERE!!

My idiot of a hosting company ( - if they are reading this, YES I CALLED YOU GUYS IDIOTS! - have deleted all of AV's audio/video samples just because all of a sudden its their policy.

To that all i say is: "LISTEN TO THE SAMPLES!! - THEY ARE ONE MINUTE LONG AT MOST AND AT FREAKING 56kpbs!! - That aren't even FM QUALITY!!"

Well now that I have that off my chest - I have decided to get in touch with all the record labels that I represent and get written documentation to prove the permission I have to host the samples of their music on the site.

Hopefully - things should be back to normal soon!!

If it's not CARP its something else.....geez...


UPDATE 2018: the samples are back

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