As you guys might have noticed that is asking you to register to listen to ANY radio station on their listing - which of course includes us. This will go into full affect starting January 2003 - right now you aren't required to register but as of Jan 1st you will be. If you want to check the information Live365 will be requiring - you can check this link:

Below are snippets of their main editor's candid release. An official release will soon follow.

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By Live365 Editor: Betty Ray
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As you know, starting sometime in January, we will be requiring listeners to register. This decision was made to ensure the long-term viability of our service. letting you know now, to give you ample time to change the links on your websites and communicate to your listeners why this is actually a good thing.

Broadcaster fees are one part of a larger equation . they are not covering the costs of your station. Those costs are subsidized by advertising. If going to stay competitive (and keep personal broadcasting affordable), we have to ensure that advertising is delivered with sensitivity to those listeners who actually want to hear about the products and services available.

We will not share anyone.s personal information with anyone else. Period. Nor will we start charging all listeners. And first time listeners will NOT have to register to listen.

To be able to deliver advertising intelligently in this market, it is not enough to blast out an ad to everyone across the board. (Recall 'the MOMI'). We want to address your audience with more sensitivity, not less. Being able to place ads more intelligently will improve the success rate of those ads and allow us to attract better advertisers and content partners.

Just as there is today, there will be prominent un-subscribe links, so no change there. It's all opt in.

We need to ensure that song titles are displayed for DMCA compliance. To these ends, we're asking that listeners connect to our site via the Player Window. We're not mandating that you use our media player (Player365). You can still use any of the many third party media players that we support.

We have relationships with most of the main Internet radio-enabled device manufacturers, and we'll be taking steps to ensure our streams still play on these devices.

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If you want to contact live365 and complain to them you can do so here:

Thank you guys for everything!

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