Nitin Sawhney and Bobby Friction are among the 20+ artists who allowed themselves to get dumped on by agricultural and horticultural food products as a way to bring voice to the "Make Trade Fair" movement. Make Trade Fair is part of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and as their website states:

The Global Call to Action against Poverty is a worldwide alliance committed to making world leaders live up to their promises, and to making a breakthrough on poverty in 2005.

Oxfam's Make Trade Fair Campaign is part of this global movement for change - working with others to demand trade justice so that trade can be part of the solution to poverty - not part of the problem.

More Info + Pictures of the Artists: Make Trade Fair

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To the readers/listeners of AV who have been present from the beginning or atleast from the moment I was featured on Adil Ray's show - you will realize that I was absolutely awe struck by the invitation to his show. To have my viewpoints be heard was very humbling.

At that moment in time, there were things I wanted to talk about but didn't; I didn't want to step on any toes. My feelings have been randomly BLOWN out into the open by this very honest article completely coincidentally.

...Asian Network is clogged up with Bollywood. During daytime you get hardly anything else.

The only thing the writer forgets is that there is a significant portion of the British Asian population that is under 35 AND first generation - who love bollywood. Heck I love some of the stuff that comes out of there! Shouldn't Asian Network cater to them also? Interesting read none the less.

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Nitin speaking out against Britain's prime minister. He's joining the Rachid Taha Band, Brian Eno, Imogen Heap and former Clash guitarist Mick Jones this Sunday for a Stop the War fundraising gig at the Astoria in Charing Cross Road, London. I don't know if it's too late to get the tickets now but below's the link to the site. As you all might have already read - my review of his new Philtre wasn't all that favorable. His words below make me rethink some of mine.

Here are some of his words:

The hypocrisy is breathtaking — two of the most powerful nations in the world, Britain and the US, have appointed themselves as the world police and have more bombs than everyone else. Anyone who fights against them is a “terrorist”!
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Don't know if this is old or new - but it's definitely informative. Although, I do have to say....the who are your influences and where is your music played question asked in 3 different variations gets old really quick. The funny thing is - when I was in India I assumed that the Dehli scene was the close minded one. Tapan sets me straight in the last line of the article. Enjoy the read.

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Late 2005 / Early 2006 Cheb i Sabbah - La Kahena Remixed EP - digital only release
In this exclusively digital release, tracks from Cheb i Sabbah's critically acclaimed North African release, La Kahena, have been remixed by an eclectic host of dj and producing talents. The EP kicks of with a remix by Fnaïre, hip hop artists from Marrakech, Morocco who give us their own Moghrebi version of "Sadats." DJ Sandeep Kumar, popular west coast bhangra producer, spins a Punjabi version of "Toura Toura." And, world renowned UK production and performance duo, Temple of Sound, offers up a heavily dance version of "Esh ‘Dani, Alash Mshit," the memorable opening track on La Kahena featuring raï diva Cheba Zahouania. See what happens when a groundbreaking international crew puts their marks on what Remix magazine called, “… a head rush of resonant [North African] instruments, soaring vocals and highly sensitive production… a truly globe freaking experience.”


2.7.06 A Six Degrees Collection - Traveler '06
The newest edition of the Six Degrees signature Traveler series, Traveler '06, is the label's latest dispatch from the front lines of innovation in music from around the world. Spanning continents and styles, Traveler '06 will feature many new and exclusive tracks and remixes from Karsh Kale, MIDIval PunditZ, Niyaz, The Real Tuesday Weld, Issa Bagayogo and many other Six Degrees favorites.

3.21.06 Karsh Kale - Broken English
New York born and raised Karsh Kale balances his Indian heritage with rock 'n' roll, hip hop and atmospheric pop on his most diverse release to date. For this, his third studio release, Kale works with a talented cast of collaborators including MC Napolean and vocalists Trixie Riess (Crystal Method, Salim Merchant) and Dierdre (Ekova).


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