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Asif and Martti, the dynamic duo who represent Fusing Naked Beats, and West London’s hottest producers are back with their second album ‘Outer Perspective’ released on their label ‘Just Play Records’

Fusing Naked Beats, have a unique versatile style which is slowly evolving the contemporary Asian scene into an altogether more urban, edgy soundscape with a new direction. ‘Digital Asia’ was their first album which was highly acclaimed and play-listed all around Europe and Asia. ‘Digital Asia’ featured on Bobby and Nihal’s Radio One show at number one and was play listed for over 4 months.

‘Outer Perspective’ is the second album from Fusing Naked Beats and has a unique electronic landscape which blends many diverse elements into one cohesive and unifying experience. From eastern electronica to uplifting global house and Arabic and Indian beats fused with hip-hop, D&B rhythms and funky dance baselines. Outer Perspective embraces the drumbeat of London yet seeks to harmonize the mystical sophistication of Arabia and Asia to fuse a musical heartbeat which is firmly rooted in the here and now of London’s alternative club scene.

The album features many special guest artists including Greek R&B singer Ms Kat, legendary Pakistani singer Najma Akhtar, Sonia Mehta and the dark conscious lyrics of Swami Baracus. The album also features Rowdy Brown a.k.a Nihal from Radio 1 on the track ‘Fusing Faces’ and German M.C Sulal Kool who features on the Asiatic remix track.

‘Outer Perspective also reveals some provocative lyrics from Asif himself on tracks such as ‘Saladins Empire’ and ‘Path of Pilgrims’

Outer Perspective is an album which pushes the boundaries of the mainstream music scene and provides you with an alternative idea of the contemporary Asian sound. It takes you to the next level of the universal dance scene and grabs you with its frantic, dirty spun-out beats.

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In an effort to not do the obvious, if you are so fed up with it then why continue to make music that is so political, blog entry - I want to point AV's readers to a "mere" fact that Nitin states in the last paragraph of this news article.

Lara Dutta is my cousin


for the people NOT in the know here are some pics of Lara...enjoy!


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Here's something interesting. Richard Thomson first calls Singh's music "unexpectedly challenge[ing]", "raw" and "less than easy on the ear." He then goes on to state:

"Listening to this complex, angular, intellectual music demanded total concentration, but those who made the effort were amply rewarded."

So let me get this straight Mr Thomson - are you saying that if a listener doesn't enjoy an artist's music it's his/her fault; that he/she didn't concentrate hard enough? So, am I supposed to learn to enjoy music from an artist rather than inherently enjoy it? suggestion to you sir is that if you know nothing about the style of music try not to review it. Leave it for someone else.

But to be fair to him, he employs a reviewing trick that I myself have used some times: If you don't know enough to have anything positive to say about an artist, you just talk about his history and suggest that maybe it's you that can't connect with the music. It's well written bs (I wholly admit to it!) - that's the real scoop.

PS - as far as what Talvin is really up to: Here's a mention of him on some Indian Pop Star Sagarika's article. Now, does anyone know where I can get her album for cheap? =)


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BBC Radio's Awards for World Music 2006 has nominated three of my favorite artists.

Even though, I'd like to NOT see these artists marginalized into "world music" all the is nice to see that they are getting some recognition. Ignoring that, picking between the three of them is a tough one! I wish I didn't have to!

Oh well, maybe you can decide. You have till the 31st of January 2006

PS - a good blogger/reporter never influences a vote and tells you who he chose ;)

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Was doing my regular reading on different websites, blogs, and news etc, and noticed (with much sadness) that Sub Swara has put themselves on hold until "further notice" for the year 2006. This in NYC terms usually means: "we don't wanna be mean and tell you that we are gone for good - but we are."


This time though, there might be a silver lining of hope. Seems as if Dhruva (one of the lead men at Sub Swara) might just be globe trotting with his Dhamaal buddy Maneesh.

Let's hope for his safe and timely return to NYC - so we can keep on rockin' in 2006!

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