1. Chairman of the Board
  2. Indian Ropeman
  3. Stand Clear
  4. Sunshine of Your Love
  5. Do Not Deviate From Your Present Course
  6. Your Own Enemy
  7. 66 Meters(Feat. Shahin Bada)
  8. Dog In The Piano
  9. Mission To The Moog Part I
  10. Dominant Tonic
  11. Misssion To The Moog Part II

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This album has a complete lack of classical Asian sounds and seems very synthesized. One plus point though, is that it does grow on you; but, only about 5 of the songs do. My basic problem with the songs were that they are missing the true classical asian sounds that we have all come to love about asian underground. Two tracks worth mentioning are "66 meters" and "Stand Clear." SC will definitely end up being a party favorite for djs and mcs. Worth the buy for the avid Asian Underground listener, but not worth for anyone interested in the purity of original work. Oh by the way, the song with Jerky Boys - What the heck was he thinking??).

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