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  1. Walking On
  2. Tori
  3. Pluck
  4. Alma Ata
  5. Jungle Symphony(live)
  6. Betelnutters
  7. Tanusree
  8. Throw Down
  9. Love and Passion
  10. Reverse
  11. Streets of Calcutta(live)

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This seven weeks "project", as Allan James stated in the inlay of the cd, was a product of a "family" not a band. In a tribute to Ananda Shankar (may he RIP) Allan presents the album to his listeners.

My thoughts: WOW!!!!! Nothing else can put this album in words. Take the talent of A. Shankar and the inventiveness of S. of Bengal and you have the most psychadelic, classical, dreamy, hypnotic and yet lively album I have ever heard. (and this response was after one listen through). Track 1, Walking On, starts you off with a slow and melodious tune, then Tori, taking you to an extreme in asian underground sounds, almost sounding classical but still the 90's version of the 60's. That tone of music sticks throu

gh the entire album, with u left wanting more. For myself the best tracks have to be 6 and 8, Betelnutters and Throw Down; with S. of B. style bass and drums (notice i didn't say drum and base) and Ananda's purity with south asian classical music blended the best the two can be. Not for the true Asian Underground drum and base lover, but anyone who enjoyed SOB's Visual Audio, or Ananda's sitar vibes on songs as Jumping Jack Flash, should definitly invest in this album.

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