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  1. Vedic
  2. OHM
  3. Eternal Voice
  4. Beat of the Drum
  5. Nachle (Dance with Me)
  6. Jaan (Lost Soul)
  7. Calling
  8. Owaali
  9. All India Radio
  10. Journeys to the Stars
  11. Hare Hare
  12. Mohabbat (Passion)
  13. Digital Asia
  14. Padma (Lotus)
  15. Jivan (Life Cycle)

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Vedic and Koranic chants placed on top of some decent electronic loops and sounds does not make an 'Asian Underground' album. Fusion is an actual blend of cross cultural sounds, not a jarring mixture that can easily be put together by any run o' the mill keyboardist.

Although, I give TS Soundz a lot of credit for trying some new ideas, new things, but unless they get some real musicians to play the music and stick to music producing, they are never going to be able to produce high quality albums like there counterparts in UK. There are some really great tracks on this album and some really bad ones. Getting female vocalists for some of the tracks was a good idea, but doing some of the vocals themselves was not. Tony and Sunny should have refrained from performing the vocals themselves, I mean if they had went through the trouble of finding female vocalists, then why not find male ones also. This was a good first attempt, and like their remixes which progressively got better with each album, I am hoping so will their music producing capabilities for original work. Originality is required for original work. Lets hope these guys have it. OH BTW - a four was given simply because there were so many songs. Otherwise I would have given a three. :-)

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