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This is definitly not anything like the previous work that Talvin has done. For one, there is nothing on here that he has done himself-not even a remix. Secondly, this isn't an Anokha album, definitly not Anokha 2-which we are all patiently waiting for. Now the tracks:

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  1. Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm: Want a new age classical song with enough base to blow your speakers? Well that is what you get here. Piano, violins, base etc. all combined to make a very mellow track.
  2. U. Shrinivas & Michael Brook - Dance: Michael Brooks and U. Srinavas, give you a beat named "dance," that is everything except danceable (atleast to me). A great track nonetheless by the masters themselves, with their very well known improvisation skills.
  3. Nils Petter Molvaer - Song Of Sand II: Beautiful horns make this track stand out. Alto. Sax (i think) playing on top of an eclectic drumline, complete with high pitched bells and obscure electronic samples thrown in. Definitly a track to relax to.
  4. The Higher Intelligence Agency - Delta: The bells of the last track replaced by a high pitched synthesized sound that eats at your brain and yet, works almost seamlessly with the the drumline and the other (unknown to me) instruments in the song.
  5. Dreadzone - Cave Of Angels: The high pitch sound leads into voices chanting and talking, telling us about the cave gods. The sitar playing produces a touch of utter devotional melodrama. All this with a drumline that becomes anything but mellow to finish off the song.
  6. Swati Natekar - Kabhi Unke Milan Ke Asha Ne: This is a very traditional, devotional track about the devotees love for lord krishna (atleast that is what I heard) with a drumline rich with tablas, dhol and base thrown in for good measure.
  7. Trilok Gurtu - Om: Trilok Gurtu chanting 'hari om' on top of a very seductive melod y.
  8. Photek - Lost Blue Heaven: With a voice that is very reminiscnt of Amar, (for those who know her) Photek provides us a song that is short sweet and hauntingly memorable. Be mesmerized.
  9. Tuu - Kalpa Taru (Tree of Wishes): Lonq droning sounds and bells. A 2 minute song that acts as an introduction to song number 10.
  10. Vibrasphere - Monsoon: This song is the best song on this album. A great drum line that stays the same and changes just enough to not be stale or overdone at the same time. And a guitar riff that is melodious at the least and unique at the most. (Read on to find what ruins this song)
  11. Ali Farka Toure - Mali Dje: This track in itself is a great African track with a folk feel that completely and beautifully contrasts the last overtly synthesized one. However, due to a production mistake (I am sorry Talvin) it completely encroaches on the previous track - for about 30 seconds. Maybe this is because I love the last song but, I just wish the two had not been mixed into each other, completely ruins both of the tracks
  12. Dub Tractor - w30: This is a mellow drumline with reversed precussion filled with a low flute sound and what sounds like an electric sitar. Definitly a groove worthy track, just need some lie on ofcourse ;)
  13. Dzihan & Kamien - After (Atjazz Remix): A complemantry track, to the last one; it kicks it up a couple notches. (definitly going on the radio) It's arabic house at its best, with dZIHAN & KAMIEN showing us how its done.
  14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt: Come on!! If you don't know this track from elsewhere you shouldn't even be here. Sorry - To those who don't know.

Great track selection by Talvin for this album, but WHAT HAPPENED TO ANOKHA 2 - I am hearing rumors that he is treating his Anokha buddies as step children and some are leaving him....but hey those could just be rumors.

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