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  1. Nothing
  2. Kála
  3. Káshí
  4. Above the earth
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If you enjoy South Asian Fusion / World Fusion then there is obviously a part of you which enjoys music for the sake of music, for its intrinsic value as a calming, relaxing and healing agent and for its use as the only language that is truly universal and without bounds.

Be what your views may, the CD that I am sharing with you here is one that requires an open mind and one that necessitates you to gentrify your thoughts and lull yourself into utter bliss. Do Yoga? Well here is an album that will last long enough for you to enjoy an arduous session and feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Until the last track where Bill Laswell shows his talent.

The album starts us off with some words by Lori Carson. She speaks to us about the state of being in nirvana (without actually using the word) - leading right into the solo tabla playing of Trilok Gurtu. Absloutely makes one think they are sitting at the banks of Kashinagar, watching and listening to the live performance. This is followed by the long droning of the sitar, underlying a heavy bass/bell beat providing for a sensation of being gently lifted to the skies; especially since Lori tells us "don't fear death, welcome it". [and no i am not ON anything :)] Then we hear the chanting for lord rama performed over a sitar, with birds chirping and a looping baseline. This is a breath of fresh air that brings you down to earth and to the breathy/beautiful voice of Lori Carson. Very calming . Then starting with sanskrit chants-to Lori Carson.'s voice Bill Laswell again shows us his talent. He wakes you up with a haunting drum line that plays just a bit much. But, just as it gets to be TOO much it dies and the song is ended with sanskrit chants playing on top of a long droning sitar and flute; with bells and the sound of birds chirping thrown in for a beautiful effect.

All in all, an album built around devotion, nirvana and love for god with a touch of Bill Laswell's production added. Fabulous!

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