To get a hold of this cd, you have to be either very lucky (as in my case) or be willing to wait it out for Nav's agent to get back to you. I myself, using the website as my reason walked up to Nav himself, and he was more than willing to share his work. So, you might want to try that at the next mutiny. But, I am guessing (for you) going through his agent will be easier. Onto the music (don't know if the tracks will be in the below order for your copy but here goes):

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  1. Dido - Thankyou (Navdeep mix): If you have ever heard Nav dj at mutiny or elsewhere then this remix stays true to his nature and starts the track with a small extract of Dido's voice that he turns into the new hook thus making this the official best track on the cd. great drum n base track. It's not just a great remix its a great rework of the original.
  2. Amrit: The first of two original tracks on this album shows to me why I agree whole heartedly with the fact that Nav is the best DJ in nyc, as said by newyorker magazine. Wish i knew the vocalist on this track because I would like to own some of her original work. Here though her voice blends beautifully with the jungalist antics of Navdeep. A great track except a few moments here or there when the base is needed to be lowered or the track will eat right through your speakers. But,that could just be the bad quality of my speakers.
  3. Thumbi Dhol: Original track number two. Starts of with a pumpin' drum n base line, switches over to Ravi Baal's or any other bhangra artists' instruments of choice: the thumbi and dhol, then slowly brings you back to the same original drum n base line with ghungroos added. Almost sounds like a remix. But great enough to be obvious that it's not, very short song though.
  4. Bally Sagoo - Punjabian Di Hogai (Navdeep mix): Bally Sagoo's work is generally not of my taste. But if you run it through the talents of Navdeep-you get a track fit at both basement bhangra and at that last rave you went to. With enough musical changes added that some moments of the song could sound like they came from a new age track, not a Navdeep one. But that's why we love this man.
  5. Live Mix (tracks 5 - 13): Ever been to mutiny or to any dj gig that Nav was part of? If so then you will enjoy the rest of these tracks. They are basically a 45 min. live session by Navdeep. Styles shifting from hip-hop to bhangra to drum n base to things I can't even classify. Just wonderful for that avid mutiny goer.

I wish you good luck trying to get this from navdeep's site. For whatever reason if you can't get it, then just wait it out 'cause this man has rumors around him that point to the fact that he will soon be releasing his own work. Can't wait for that.

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