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  1. Alex Gopher - The Child
  2. Rinôçérôse - Mes Vacances a Rio
  3. Nitin Sawhney - Sunset (KV5 Remix)
  4. Ian Pooley - Coraçao Tambor (Need Remix)
  5. Underworld - Cups (Salt City Orchestra Remix)
  6. Mandalay - Deep Love (Onda Underwater Mix)
  7. Abraham - Blue For The Most
  8. Jungle Brothers - Brain
  9. Ninety-9 - Willow
  10. High Llamas - The Space Raid Remix (Kid Loco Remix)
  11. Elbow - Powder Blue
  12. Mercury Rev - The Dark is Rising
  13. Grandaddy - So You'll Aim Toward The Sky
  14. Ben Christophers - Hooded Kiss
  15. Aimee Mann - Save Me
  16. Heather Nova - Gloomy Sunday
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So what do you do when you sign on to a new label and they are obviously paying you more money and are much more organized than your previous one, well obviously you produce a mix album for them, duh!! What else did you think I would be talking about?

There is only one track that is Nitin's original work: Sunset, though different from the original version on Prophesy. The rest of the album is a Nitinified introduction to the V2 Records artist roster, at least to me. To others it might be a fresh new look to their old favorites. A brand spankin' new paint job by Nitin himself. The only thing I have to wonder is if these artists sound as good as this without Nitin's influence, 'cause there are a few whose work i'd love especially if it sounds like this. The song styles are as varied as V2's catalouge, with songs coming from trip-hop, rap, hip-hop, drum n base, rock etc. (One even sounds salsaesque.)

All in all a very good compilation with sounds as varied as Nitin's Prophesy, just without as many language changes as that. Definitly a must buy for someone who loves Nitin's work or any of other artists of the album.

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