1. Ehad
  2. One.Three.Seven
  3. Midnight At The Bazaar
  4. Byzantine
  5. Elokainu
  6. Angel
  7. The Merciful One
  8. Head And Bones
  9. Harmony
  10. Maroc
  11. Salaam
  12. Sketches Of Egypt


Save from two or three instances where the vocals completely downplay the music and take over the track - this album is a great mix of world fusion. Switchng from piano to strings to Arabic instruments to drum beats - this is a sound that meshes cultures without a hitch.

The first couple of songs although very different from each other seem to, follow a very similar layout. Vocals leading to a heavy drum line that makes you want to dance. It's good for the dj's trying to create a world dance sound and/or a world fusion sound. Play the leading end for world fusion and the tail end for world dance. Plus, there are moments where you are left wishing for a cool breeze because the track is just so relaxing - especially number three.

For the rest of the album all that can be said is, it is filled with high points of Arabic chants, beautiful melodies, drum lines that seem to defy your desire to sit still and perfectly sung vocals and, extreme low ones which seem to come out of no where; sometimes both in the same track. For instance track six starts off with a beautiful piano melody that works perfectly with the drum and effects line but Zohar for some reason throws in these vocals that completely take over the track. Of course eventually one gets used to them but geez the track would be perfect without them.

Despite some flaws and overworks the album overall is a great mix of arabic sounds and vocals. Definitely a good buy for that avid AV listener.

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