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  1. Fatima
  2. Enfin Enfin
  3. Akadt Aalik Gualbi
  4. El - Hob Saib
  5. Kifeche Enti
  6. El - Ghorba
  7. Sans Toi
  8. Baghi Nenssak
  9. Hob El Madi
  10. MoAmour
  11. Cheftha Tebki
  12. Naachak Fik
  13. C'est Pas La Peine
  14. Badi
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I received this album as a promo from ModoMelodia so don't have much information on it - just that Cheb is a new artist soon to release his work on the record label. On to the review.

I am tempted to use the words: "Arabic Pop" to describe this album. However, what does that mean exactly? All I am really saying there is, this album is arabic and its going to be popular. Still I haven't truly told you what the songs sound like.

So here is an attempt. Well for your aural ambrosia you are provided with catchy tunes, arabic beats, lyrics and vocals reminiscent of cheb mami (with some spanish thrown in track 10) this is middle eastern music at its pop best. The funny thing is that every time a song starts it could very well be a western 'pop' work; until the middle eastern lyrics start playing. Knowing nothing of Arabic music I am going to leave well enough alone and say - it was a serene experience to hear songs where the lyrics didn't over take the music; rather they let the variety and intricacy in the sound be heard; so much so that the vocals perfectly complimented the music.

If you enjoy middle eastern lyrics, sounds (drums, strings and all) and emotions combed with western sounds (electric guitar, synths and all) then consider investing in this - it's a journey with a man whose talents take you to arabica, america, hispanica and back.

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