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  1. And then there were two
  2. Snake charmer acid
  3. Aum
  4. Dreaming while walking
  5. Jazztripdrumbassmess
  6. Journey
  7. Floating in 5 parts
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Someone PLEASE introduce Bill Laswell to these guys - he could spice up his drum n base with their talent.

There is no denying it - there is a whole crap load of free flowing ingenuity here. Tracks such as 3 which, take a simple aum chant from what sounds like an old record and add a drum n base line to it, leave you wondering do I pray or do I dance or somehow, maybe I do both? (drugs anyone?) Then track 4 is a beautiful melodious one with a flute piece at a fast enough bpm that you just can't help groove to it. There is just so much talent here that I wouldn't be surprised to find this upcoming album in every Asian Drum n Base lover's stereo.

However, as much production talent these guys have there are a few times that one is just left wondering - did the record get stuck while recording this one? Such as track 6 which is unvarying for an unbelieving 8 minutes and 40 seconds. Sure it picks up to a high point in the beginning of the track - but, it does little else after that. Plays the same beat with some complementary beats over and over again. Guys come on!! From the other tracks on the album and it is obvious that you know how to produce great tracks - then why ruin a cool song by unnecessarily lengthening it?

All in all a great album, definitely makes one nostalgic for the drum n base coming out of UK just five years ago. I personally can't wait for their work after a record deal and a tiny clean up job by a record exec. Simply Fabulous!

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