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  1. Menfi
  2. Nokta
  3. Ida
  4. Ya Rayah
  5. Medina
  6. Bent Sahra
  7. Barra Barra
  8. Foqt Foqt
  9. Ala Jalkoum
  10. Voila Voila
  11. Garab
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The sleeve of this album describes Rachid as a "powerhouse of excitement." Wow! one couldn't agree more. The entire album was recorded while doing a single show in Brussels and it brings out music from his previous albums such as Made in Medina.

Musically, a grainy voice crackles through each and every track complimenting a guitar line that kicks perfectly with every vocal note and the musical genres shift from one to the next as if there was no difference between them. Mainly you hear a powerful guitar line in a rock style track but, every once in a while he throws in a drum line that could work perfectly in techno.

There is a flare for emotion here so deep rooted in the humming of anger and love that if one doesn't compliment and enjoy it, they are left looking for the train that just ran them over. What you have to ask yourself is how loud can you be? Because, unless this album is cranked up to full blast you cannot fully enjoy it. With a few instances of cheesy 80's rock touch - these tracks surround your aural persona with such a force that you are left wondering: How could North African and Arabic instruments be used with any less energy than this.

As a final statement all that can be said, electric guitars with middle eastern instruments. How can you go wrong? Keep an open mind, don't expect any drum n base and let the music blow you away.

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