1. Taaruf
  2. Sacred Channel
  3. Nafeken
  4. Ap Ke Baras
  5. Magnetic Dub
  6. Satellite (Show Me The Worth Of The World)
  7. Tala Matrix
  8. Trajic
  9. Mengedegna
  10. Devotional Dub


South Asian Classical vocals and instruments meet DJing, which meets Trance Electronica that meets Egyptian singing in a profound combination of world music that not only defies political boundaries but also gets you off your ass and makes you wonder where the hell has this sound been all my life.

For the skeptics out there, ever hear tablas, drums, 404s and sarangi get mixed with a dj's scratching? Oh yea? That's not 'by' a dj's scratching but 'with'. Yea? Okay then - well how about for almost 10 minutes long - with the scratching becoming it's own instrument? Yea, didn't think so!

With Zakir Hussain, Karsh Kale, DJ Disk, Fabian Alsultany - there is so much instrumental talent here that one is almost overwhelmed. Add to that MIDIval Punditz and Bill Laswell with their production skills and Gigi and Ustad Sulthan Khan with their dynamic vocal presence that you are left wondering where the heck the next Tabla Beat Science show is. As you listen it becomes obvious that these artists need to be heard live but, the CD comes a close second. (I just hope the AV webcast at 56kbps/22khz does them justice.)

This two cd set was definitely worth every penny spent and with only $15 it wasn't too many pennies. Recommended to any listener who appreciates even one of these artist.

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