Tracks / Samples:

  1. Air
  2. Extasis
  3. Fabric
  4. Insite
  5. Far From Home
  6. Bhangra Fever
  7. Mercury
  8. Night
  9. Forest Dreams
  10. Ajmer
  11. God of Love
  12. Dark Age


Drum n Scapes. That should say it all. If you have listened to these guys on's webcast or have heard their songs on then you know exactly what that term means. If you haven't heard of them before this cd, then you are in for a ride. This is a journey meant to be endeavored with an open mind and a heart ready to groove, maybe even dance.

First, a bit of their history: born n' raised in India, Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj met in grade school, were separated and then, like a true Bollywood friendship, reunited in 1994. Talvin Singh then heard their sound, probably on ;), brought them into the yet unreleased Anokha 2, where they met Karsh Kale who then brought them into Tabla Beat Science and helped them become the internationally known icons who have now signed onto an internationally known label: Sixdegrees Records.

Now, to the CD: despite a few soft spots, caused mainly by the fact that this is a pre-pre-release copy (I got a CDR copy!! man I feel important) lacking those last minute production touches, this is a must buy for any South Asian Electronica / Asian Massive/ Asian Underground lover. From beats that trance to ones that drum bassishly dance to the ones that give your high an enhance - this cd has it all. Initially, disappointment does set in because the entire CD isn't fast paced drum n bass and a few, three to be exact, tracks are repeated from their CD but, soon (after two listens for me) you begin to recognize the production skills and musical talents that exist on here. You listen with amazement and wonder how two guys out of New Delhi could be so dead on about a musical movement that we thought was only understood in the west. Then you relax into the thought - 'the future for this genre looks great after all.'

Street date for the CD: Sept. 17, 2002 and by the way, if this is the future of music from South Asia then bye guys - I'm moving!

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