1. Future Days Introduction
  2. Dias Futuros [LandO Calrissian Remix]
  3. Ebaye - Ex-Centric Sound System
  4. Clandestino [Latino Remix] - Manu Chao
  5. Madindo [Transglobal Underground Remix] - Tarika
  6. Distance - Karsh Kale
  7. Dourbiha - Momo
  8. Soul Drummers [Celebration Mix]
  9. Yo Afro - Temple of Sound
  10. Inta Omri Remix [Jean Mouawad Remix]
  11. Zomaye [Bill Laswell Remix] - Gigi
  12. Tanto Tempo [Peter Kruder Remix] - Bebel Gilberto
  13. Baba Hanuman [Dub Farm Remix] - Krishna Das


Finally, here it is. This is exactly the sound that we need. Musical harmony presented with a desire to share the entire world with you.

Originally, it all seems out of sorts with no clear sound coming through, all these genres represented but, none really blending into each other - one is forced to wonder, "which audience are they really going for?"

But, you listen. The sound is too good to not listen.

You listen for an answer. As you look for it - the light bulb shines, an answer comes through with the glaring clarity of the sun after a solar eclipse - "Hey wait a sec here, I can salsa, I can rave, my girlfriend can bellydance and she can sure grind! - It's for me - this sound is for me!" - And for anyone else who lives in the world not just in the country outside their door step. Here the world is presented to you in a platter of dance music - stolen from those elitist bastards who think only some scholars can understand the intricacies of world music - what those 'scholars' don't recognize is that while they attempt to decipher the nuances of this music we are going to make it groove and dance worthy and, quietly take over this scene to make it ours - somewhere it genuinely belongs- because it is meant for the public not for the two percent of the worlds population that attempts to controls our musical thoughts.

This is a new genre. This is our world. This is Earth n Bass. Get up and listen!

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