1. Tribute to Bongolo
  2. Amara call
  3. On a yubati dub
  4. Gnawa airlines
  5. Tbel on air
  6. Mekka
  7. Saadi's vibes
  8. The yumala song
  9. Lahilah Express
  10. Mira's trance
  11. Okay
  12. Lahilah Express Remix


Shift attitudes, give respect and listen intently to a sound that combines reggae, rap, African singing with a whole slew of other styles and adventures. Take a trip through Northern Africa guided by the men of Gnawa Impulse and attempt to recognize a small bit of a continent whose sounds are being revered by the world's musicians.

At moments the sound is, stereotypically speaking, Asian Undergroundy with songs (a few even drum n bass) having samples of flutes and sitars interspersed with the didgeridoo (maybe?) and African chants. But, to those expecting to hear only drum n bass-only 3 songs will come near you. What'd you expect - come on there are even tracks here that belong in an avant garde grungy rockers collection, if such a person exists, of course he/she has to like African beats. So, whats the final word?

Keep an open mind, and walk singin' and groovin' through the African soundscape.

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