Tracks / Samples:

  1. Weight
  2. Achchha - Gordon Webster
  3. Geometry
  4. Chatterbox
  5. Bablo-Lo - Levon Ichkhanian
  6. Walk
  7. Weaving
  8. Nizil il Matar Fag'a
  9. Waterfall

More about this Artist


Ritesh Das is a visionary tabla player who runs and teaches an ensemble of tabla musicians producing sounds that one can only hope or dream to hear in a concert one day. This ensemble is a tabla student/performer's dream - not only do you learn from a man who has studied with greats like Zakir Hussein, Swapan Chaudhri and Chitresh Das but you also get to perform with your peers and some other revolutionary musicians that redefine their particular genres. The prime example of the former would have to be Rita di Ghent - a vocalist who has, at times, been called the "Coolest Jazz Diva" around.

This isn't an ordinary album up for review - the tracks on it flow like an unmistakable chilled out, head bopping, tabla concert-with a twist. One can envision Natraj dancing to these beats, until of course the non-south asian elements come into play and redefine your understanding of what a tabla beat for the angry Shiva might sound like. There are tracks here that incorporate breakbeat, Jazz vocals, African drums, Arabic sounds and singing, bass and guitar riffs and a Psychology student playing the keyboards. With ten plus years of experience performing, under some of these musicians belt, one knows, and can hear, that they are good - so what more could you ask for?


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