Tracks / Samples:

  1. Yogita
  2. Twisted World
  3. Leaving
  4. Sweet Destiny
  5. UV Tarana
  6. Lonely Search
  7. Feel Me
  8. Encounter With Closure
  9. In Beats
  10. Out Beats
  11. Party At Ten
  12. Sunny (From Avtar)


Kenz Desai of Bootlegged fame, which he released under Ishq Records and the guidance of Bally Sagoo, has left those days behind (hopefully completely) and provided us with an album with a new direction and goal in mind. Inspired by, a new American-made South Asian film, Yogita, Kenz shows us his capabilities outside of pop and bhangra remixes and honestly speaking, pleasantly surprises. (Definitely surpassed my expectations.)

he album is titled as an Asian Underground work, however it belongs under the Asian Massive umbrella with a clarification that it is more Under-lounge than anything else. With tracks that explore musicians playing clarinet, guitar, and flugelhorn; Asian chants with men and women vocals; jazzy piano melodies with backing string (sections? synthesizers?) and soothing, almost classical, sounds a la A R Rehman, this is one album listenable all the way through.

There is something eerie and awe inspiring about a musician who can drop his old sound completely and create a new one with such few flaws that he seems to have been doing this all along. Go find samples from Bootlegged and you will understand. Actually, most tracks are absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day, just let it play while you enjoy your hot date's company.

Finally, besides this album Kenz also did all the scores for Yogita and if these tracks are any indication - I can't wait to see that - just to hear those sounds. So, ENJOY!!

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