1. Steps of Maya
  2. Venus of the Sea
  3. Moon Circle
  4. Prism
  5. Next Plateau
  6. Messenger
  7. Deity in the Silence
  8. Ring
  9. White Owl
  10. Precious Time


This is something on the periphery of our stream - really belongs more in classical jazz than asian massive but hey what the heck. It's an Asian (in the American sense of the word not the British) woman and there are flutes and tablas thrown in a few places - so why not.

Keiko is a master pianist who, along with her brother(?), has created an album that simply demands to be heard. It requires your unwarranted, if not undivided attention or you are liable to miss some of the best smooth jazz in quite some time. With flowing melodies that seem to require a calm night out while lounging on couches somewhere, this album is a must for those with an hour or so of relaxation desired. Although, must remind everyone that chill out music doesn't have to be sleepy - and this album with it's intricately designed and cohesively woven compositions will provide with just enough altercations to keep you interested and yet, zoning in your own world.

Owners of lounge/restaurants with a feel for the classics, jazz or piano get your hands on this one. You will not be disappointed.

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