1. Aja Maji (Sacred Rhythm version) - Joe Claussell
  2. Tarana - Thievery Corporation
  3. Jana (Sad Bachelor Remix) - Radar One
  4. Jaadu (Magic) - Nickodemus & Osiris
  5. Majhi Re - Brainpolluter
  6. Maula (Bhangra-Hydrate Vocal Mix) - Ralphi Rosario
  7. Sayaji - Joe Claussell
  8. Meher Ali (Bollywood Burning remix) - Radar One
  9. Caravan (Karava) - Brainpolluter
  10. Don't Run Away - Radar One


It's a RaRe occurrence. It's South Asian soul presented by the power houses of new age/lounge/house. A seamless blend of cultural boundaries that, taken as a whole, represents the world as it is now: a mixed up, mish mash of backgrounds that need A WHOLE LOT of explanation or absolutely none at all.

The music welcomes you to lyrics that, if you can understand, will express meaning inexpressible; but if you can't, no worries, the emotion, the power, the tryst, the compassion and the beauty come through without a problem. The wavering voice, the mixed in heavy bass, the dance worthy drumlines, the flute tones flowing in one ear and out the other - everything is just blended beautifully. Presented are mixes by greats, such as Thievery Corporation, Radar One, Nickodermus & Osiris and Joe Clausall. Although, Radar One does dominate in the number of mixes.

The only thing is that, at times (rare occurrences) this can start to sound Bollywood remixed. But, that in itself isn't a major problem either - as long as it's done well - and here it is. A good first release for a record label bent on keeping the South Asian Massive/Mix sound alive.

Personal Favorites: Mahji Re mixed by Brainpolluter & Maula (Bhangra - Hydrate Mix)mixed by Ralphi Rosario

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