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  1. Moner Manush
  2. Kali
  3. Radha Krishna
  4. Tana Tani
  5. Ram Rahim
  6. Medina
  7. Padma Nodi
  8. Dohai Allah
  9. Bolo Kotai
  10. Kon Ek Pakhi
  11. Al Keuto Sap
  12. Tal Rosh
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Remember State Of Bengal's last album. The looping drum lines, the funky guitar riffs, the screaming horns? Well this is nothing like it. He has outdone himself by "undoing" himself.

This is more Paban Das Baul's solo debut produced by State Of Bengal than a State Of Bengal album featuring Paban Das Baul. Although, some tracks have that distinctive State Of Bengal flare with the funky guitar riffs, circling drum lines and horns - for the most part we have left the electronic world behind and have entered a real one instead.

If unexpected, the practical change in genre will catch you off guard and leave you confused. That initial surprise does wear off though, and as you listen to the music for what it is, you are left to realize the growth in State Of Bengal's style. He has taken a folk singer's voice and presented it to the world in a manner so aurally ambrosic that you can't help feel the singer's pain or joy in just a few notes; even if you don't speak a word of Bengali. On every track Paban Das resonates through, always adding and never taking from State Of Bengal's wizardry. This is a well thought out and logical step for a man who has nothing left to prove in the electronics-only Asian Massive genre.

Expect to be vocally intrigued, not to be musically fatigued and you'll love this album.

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