1. Madhuvanthi
  2. Bhatiyali
  3. Bhairav
  4. Jhinjoti
  5. Patdeep
  6. Ammasolo
  7. Puriya Dhanashri
  8. Jayjayanthi
  9. Sarang
  10. Kirwani
  11. Khamaj

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Drums? Sure we go them. base? Sure its here too. So is it Jungle? Nope. Ok, Sitars? Sure. Tablas? Sure. Is it classical? NO WAY!!

This is an album for the masses and yet not. If you enjoy south asian music, get it. If you enjoy electronica. Only 3 songs are worth the money. If classical is your cup o' tea - 3 songs will sweeten your chai. But for the person like myself who loves both the generes and the fusion between the two; this is an awesome album. The only problem is that, at times it can get very hindi-filmy (if you get what i mean), to the point that you catch yourself waiting for Kumar Sanu's ;) voice come resonating through the tablas. So should you get it? Sure! If you don't mind paying the excessive importing charges. I paid $27. If you can get it for cheaper get it, but don't hold your breath in anticipation. On the other hand you could always just listen to our radio. :-)

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