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  1. Black Pearl
  2. Amarillo t;/li>
  3. 74 Miles
  4. Haiku
  5. No Pares
  6. Supenova
  7. Suite
  8. Day-Glo-Party
  9. Looping Morning

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Jazz meets south asia, meets latin house meets drum and base, and still I can't describe this album.

Its as if the artists decided to be completely different from the rest of the world and yet give the listener a feeling of nostalgia for each of their respective musical preferences. The only complaint I have about the album is that its only 45 minutes long. Ignoring that, every track on this album is awesome, with some sounding very classical and others having improvisational skills that rival jazz's greats. For someone simply interested in drum & base this isn't a very exciting album but, for someone who is interested in expanding their musical horizons into the new jazz of europe that has been influenced by south asia this is definitly a wise buy. I am so glad that I picked this album up on a whim at I will definitly be listening to this one over and over again. Just wish Mukta had made this a lengthier album.

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