Found this band/group/dj (don't know what) on and as much as I hate supporting a big record company, Vivindi International (i think) that now owns I needed to get this album and review it. It's some of the best d&b fused with south asian sounds that I have heard in quiet some time. Even with only 6 songs on the EP.

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  1. Latrama: Sounds like latrama is about to pray with some temple bells only to have us rejoice by kicking in the d&b line with electronic bells and a piano's pianissimo backing it up. A track to the djs of the world.
  2. Abril: Tablas and bols placed on top of a long droning transy sounds. Done so well that it almost seems both the synth drums and tablas are played by hand. And that they were meant to be played that way.Member Rating: {mainvote}
  3. Bingo: Another track that if not danced to would easily cause you to groove your south asian butt right at your seat. Again beautiful bells and drones combined with a d&b track line, just perfection.
  4. Cuatra: Here Latrama shows us that [they] are capable of slowing it down to about the speed of a love song. I can almost see some cheesy B-movie using this track as the background music for a love scene. Now, how is that for a compliment. :)
  5. Latrama (Walk Skip Run Glide mix): Here is one track that just seems plain pointless. Walk Skip Run Glide (WSRG) added practically nothing meaningful to this song. Basically the same song made worse by WSRG's random samples and sounds thrown in. Sorry Guys.
  6. 21: Long droning sounds placed on top of a mellow d&b track line with bells thrown in for good meausure. Just plain fabulous.

Beside these six songs, the site has four others that aren't on the CD. Those four being equally as good as the six on the album. So, if your are like me you will buy the netCD for $4 and download 2 of the last 4 that are available for download and burn them, getting more music for that buck. :) Moreover, I figured putting up audio samples for the artist would be pointless considering you can easily go to the site and listen to the full songs anyways.

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