Tracks / Samples:

  1. Emotional Breakdown
  2. Funksta
  3. China Doll
  4. Groovinda-DNB
  5. Feelings
  6. Downtown
  7. Enchant 94
  8. Groovinda
  9. Mixed Visions
  10. City Rush
  11. T-Minus
  12. Voices


Hello all, geez I am busting out these reviews like nobody's business huh? Well whatever the case here goes.

Mo magic, as you guys might have guessed from his interview with us a little while ago is trying to set up his own record label called: Asian Dawn Records; well this is the dawning of things to come (yes I know that was cheesy) and of Mo's upcoming freedom. And boy does it kick ass. If you own New Breed UK, a compilation by Outcaste then you might be a bit disappointed because every one of Mo's tracks on that one are on this album. However, if that compilation was the first time you heard Mo's work or if you loved his tracks on that album, then I strongly suggest that you get your hands on this album. Included are not just his tracks from that, now classic, Outcaste compilation but also tracks that until now were only available in various disparate locations, but never together. Songs as the groovy, drum n base track filled with a melody line reminiscent of a Chinese movie - aptly titled 'China Doll,' and of course Enchant 94, Groovinda and Mixed Visions must have been club favorites when they were originally released because I can't imagine not moving to them. Then of course we have some white label work, T-Minus and Voices both kickin' drum n base tracks with no south asian elements in sight. These tracks give you good enough reason to buy this album. However, in Voices the sampling gets a bit out of hand and it loses its beginning urgency and depth towards the end, causing the ending to leave something to be desired - a new album by Mo perhaps?? That would be great!.

This is an album that makes you realize that if enough artists like Mo Magic existed then drum n base as an art form and a musical form would cease to exist only as an underground scene. Except of course - one or two tracks :) So go to his site and buy the album and tell him that AsianVibrations sent ya.

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