1. Trigana
  2. Haïula
  3. Zeus
  4. Specchio
  5. Dance
  6. My Land
  7. Trigana [Remix]


Here is an old but great one for the Asian Massive/Drum n Bass lovers. Straight up Arabic/South Asian melodies/beats have been fused, almost flawlessly, to provide us with this album. Move graciously to some hard hitting drum n bass in most of the album. You, pretty much can play the entire album without issue.

The only flaw is that every once in a while the tracks get a little stagnant and the beat kind of just repeats over and over but hey! What else can you expect from a drum n bass album. *joking sarcasm* ;). Despite this fact, six of the tracks are absolutely perfect for that next Asian Underground/Massive party you are planning - the one that stands apart is the slow trippy track "My Land."

Even though the album is being sold as a full-length work - it really only deserves an EP (extended play-for those living under a rock) title because there are only seven tracks on the album and the last one is lengthened remix of the first. Even with the few tracks though, this one is definitely worth the money.

Check the rating shazaam - better? ;)

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