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Tracks / Samples:

  1. Arabiant
  2. Caravane
  3. Nothing Is Real
  4. Distance
  5. Running Away
  6. Ya Rayah
  7. In My Mind
  8. Sirocco (remix)
  9. Yep Yep
  10. Your Song
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It's interesting to note the global desire of people to hear electronic tracks. Where once all you heard out of Arabia was Cheb Mami wannabes with tracks composed mainly of mediocre music and lackluster singing, you now have artists doing things such as this cd.

I might be completely mistaken and music like this might have existed all along but it was very much under the Radar (pun absolutely intended).

This cd provides us with a glimpse of the possibilities that exist out there. This Arabic beat science is a phenomenon that forces you to drop all of your preconceptions and simply groove to the music. There is no room for pretensions here, no place for stereotypes - all you have is a vibe completely grounded in soulful beats and melodies.

Despite one or two tracks that seem to repeat into nowhere - this cd will definitely provide the music necessary for that after party beat filled chill down.

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