1. River
  2. Eastern Eyes (Ft Natacha Atlas)
  3. Say Hello
  4. Falling Angels
  5. Falling (Ft Aqualung)
  6. Heer
  7. Fragile Wind
  8. Promise
  9. Chetan Jeevan (Conscious Life)
  10. Rainfall
  11. Waiting (O Mistress Mine)
  12. Raag
  13. Boatman


So here it is - album number six from the extraordinaire himself. This feels like the most complete work by Nitin yet. In full display are all his talents showing us what he has been insinuating all along: there is talent here well beyond the "Asian" genre.

This is world music taken to the western extreme. There are tracks that would never belong on the "world music" circuit yet there are few that fit right into the Asian Massive. This is a new look onto Nitin's music with a pop infusion - be it South Asian pop or Western pop. Although one must admit Nitin's version of pop is still much better then the crap on top 40s stations.

With that in mind one has to recognize and respect the talent and the chameleon like ability of this artist to change with the times. Where his past albums have treated us to more musical productions - it seems Nitin has taken a few steps to appeal more to masses and done more vocal ones this time around. Don't be fooled however, this in no way has reduced the quality of his skills. Still the great man we are used to.

So enjoy - the "new" pop through Niin's visionary talent. (I know you will.)

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