1. Captive
  2. Miskatonic
  3. Whispers
  4. Rise Above
  5. Kahani
  6. Afsana
  7. Tale Spinner
  8. Justice Coming
  9. New Light
  10. Running Scared
  11. Classico


Najma is a vocalist that travels across Pop, Asian Massive, and Bollywood sounds at the same time - with Bollywood and Pop leading the way. This is not a traditional album, this is not a classical work, this is not an unequalled phenomenon - this is simply an album by a female whose voice lends us to believe that she could be great singing in a Bombay club while also doing songs for a record label that handles world sounds.

Although, this is mainly classified as "world" only because it isn't American - it is simply South Asian and not even very varied inside that subcontinent. Sticks mainly to the Bollywood/Pop type of sound. The album has many high points where Najma shows us what she is capable of, with great tracks melding South Asian with the West in a very sincere manner. But, every once in a while a listener can grate the cheese oozing out without much effort. So, you have been cautioned - enjoy the good but be weary of the bad.

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