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  1. Intro
  2. River
  3. Mr. Brown
  4. Thai Lullaby
  5. Age of Confusion
  6. Ocean of joy
  7. (.(.(.Ethnofunk.).).)
  8. Secrets of Tantra
  9. Spanish wind (Ikarus remix)
  10. Outro
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Drums in a dark demonizing introduction letting us know that the rest of the album will be a convoluted mixture of culture. Somehow, it's both that mix and a delicate combination of sounds that work with it; any question of this producers talent easily disappears.

Tracks that meld world pop with a mellow drum n bass line (is there such a thing?), house/break beat with deep soul done in a blues flavor, sounds evoking a prayer session in the Himalayas with a drum/guitar line belonging in a lounge in NYC and Punjabi with Arabic(?) - there is serious talent here.

Only complaint, some tracks - two to be exact - seem to have taken a vocal sample from some where and just thrown it on top of a melody in an unending loop. The music is inexorably fantastic, and doesn't disappoint, but the repeating samples just kill it. But hey, that's only two tracks on an album 10 track strong.

Ikarus has created something we can enjoy, while moving to a beat we savor; final statement: you won't be disappointed - Go get it!

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