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  1. Bidrohi
  2. Test Patterns
  3. Dronah
  4. Sanyasi
  5. Earth And Sky
  6. Fire Water
  7. Futureroots
  8. Origineight
  9. Infusion
  10. Bidrohi (brownsploitation mix)
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Here is an album that will make your night truly groove-filled. This is Asian Massive, not in the Karsh sense of the word, nor in the Mutiny sense - this is a new direction for it all. Shaarab, has given us a sampling of what it means to party in Atlanta.

Although, I see where he is taking us and I can hear what he is trying to say one has to wonder why? All in all he shows talent but it's hard to see this as a cohesive album. Some tracks work the first time through and others take a bit of getting used to; this is something that is a very good first attempt by this dj turned producer - but we are hoping for a stronger step up the next time.

Tracks vary from tribal to Chicago house (?) to drum n bass, to stuff that has the feel of being very progressive (you know - it starts with something and adds to it as the time goes by). It seems to be just be a collection of tracks, some great, others some not so much, that he throws down out in his gigs in Atlanta. Might work for some, might not for others - you can decide.

Personally, it's great to let play in the background while you have a few drinks with your friends and converse about the depth of the talent and variety of genre this man can create.

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